HELP!!! AT WITS end!!! CAn't turn on the SANSA!!

I recently bought a sansa c 200 ( C 240)  well I was listening to it and then it told me goodbye and shut down and until now I haven’t been able to turn it on!! Also my computer is no longer picking it up as an UBS when  plugged in!!!.. neither is my laptop!! I am not a loss at what to do!!
I was try to open the battery compartment but I don’t know how to!! Can anyone give me some suggestions please… at my wits end here!!

please try to hold the power or menu button for about 10-20 seconds or until your device turned on

Lol, relax with the huge font ^_^. The battery compartment is supposly hard to take out at first. Its something that might be worth trying, removing it that is.

Does any computer detect it at all?

  • Ender

This happened with mine. You may have to return it to sandisk. 

Just go to the support section of the site and let them know what is going on. 

They were very helpful and quick to answer my questions. When we figured it was not going to power up, they sent a replacement.  All done via the website and I didn’t have to talk to anyone on the phone… no long on-hold time whatsoever… (big plus in my book).

I was without (possession) of my player for one whole week.  I was without it working for a couple of days.  I had the player for two months when I ran into the problem. 

Good Luck.