Has anyone found a way to transfer music videos onto a Fuze using a Mac?

Hi Gang 

Has anyone have an answer to my question? I have posted this same question a number of times and had zero response. Could someone please have a answer for me. I sure someone out there has figured out how transfer music videos. I have changed these videos to different formats such as .avi, .mp4 etc. 



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That only works for Windows.

v0.5 should work on Macs. The main issue with previous version–running a Win binary–is gone. If you have tried v0.5 on a Mac and can’t get it to work, then post in the v4f thread and let ssorgatem know.

video4fuze works install in xp per below.  once conversion is done, copy file back to osx. thenplug in fuze, navigate to video and copy files

run windows xp in osx as a guest OS using either virtual box,  vmware fusion or parallel desktop

I must say, native Fuze software Sansa media converter is one big headache. latest version wont install in xp host os.  vers 1.2xx does but fails to detect the fuze even though XP sees it.

one video i converted with 1.2x  created a .mov file              

Change the USB mode of the Fuze–Settings/System Settings/USB Mode–and see if the converter recognizes it. Or use video4fuze or fuzevidz.