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Sansa players are my favorites. I have an m200 series player 1GB and that is great too, but I needed something with more memory. I would have got a 4GB m200 series player, but the latest firmware on those players ruined them unfortunately. So I got a Sansa Clip last week and I really like it. I like the customization options of Sansa players with backlight, display, etc. A lot of companies lack in this. This said, I have suggestions for potential future firmware updates.

  1. Browse by folder.

  2. In playlist, have only track name displayed. As it is now, it is Artist-Track name, but artist takes up too much space and you can’t see the track name.

  3. Ability to turn off the blue light on the click pad.

  4. Ability to have the player NOT light up when using the volume buttons. Sometimes, I have to adjust the volume between songs, and I’d like the option to rather not have the player light up.

  5. When the music spectrum is shown during the song playback, have it so the LED doesn’t dim. I have it set to dim after 5 seconds, but I would like to have it stay on if I have the music spectrum visual enabled.

So far this player is the best mp3 player I’ve ever tried. But it would be absolutely killer if these suggestions were implemented. Customization-wise, the more options, the better.

I looked for a “great player” thread because I have come to praise the Clip.  This is more of a wishlist thread, but I’ll add to it anyway.

Last night I spent some serious time listening to my Clip.  By serious time, I mean that all I was doing was listening to my Clip, with a good set of earphones.  Usually I’ve got it on while I’m doing something else … working outside, exercising etc.

I know it’s been said before, but I am just really impressed by the sound of this thing.  Last night I noticed all sorts of instrumentation parts in my songs that I’d never noticed before.  The audio quality of the Clip just blows me away.

OK, that’s all.  Fanboy rave over.

Well, I guess I should add a wishlist item.  But I can’t think of anything right now.

Try it with FLAC,  its amazing.

@sansafix wrote:
Try it with FLAC,  its amazing.

All my music is already encoded in MP3, so I wouldn’t gain anything by re-encoding to FLAC, which is lossless, correct?

I’d need music originating in FLAC or some other lossless format?

I just had a major brainstorm, why not FLAC-rip a song from my dusty CD collection and try it out?  :wink:

And the answer is … why not?  And I did.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.


Correct,  you need to go back to the original source to bring out the quality of FLAC.