Gpodder and Clip+

I’m using Gpodder for my podcatching on an Ubuntu netbook.  I was able to connect my Clip+ with Gpodder and transfer the podcasts, but only by using the MTP setting.  However, I can’t get the podcasts to play on the Clip+.  I can select the podcast I want, but the “play” button has no effect.  I have read elsewhere that I should use the MSC setting, but Gpodder doesn’t give me that option.  Anyone run into this?  Should I switch to different podcatching software?  Thanks.

I’m using gPodder on Linux as well. I’m using MSC mode; the Linux system automounts the Clip+ to “/media/SANSA CLIPP” when connected, and I’ve instructed gPodder to sync to a “filesystem-based” device at “/media/SANSA CLIPP/PODCASTS”. I’d recommend you try switching to MSC first (make sure you configure your Clip+ to use MSC, not “auto” mode).

I’ve never seen the problem you’ve described. How are you selecting the podcast — through the song database or through the file browser? In which format is your podcast? The Clip+ as shipped does not support the M4A format, which is rather commonly used for podcasts. If the podcasts show up as files (under Music→Folders) but not under Music→Albums that would be a strong indication that the format is not supported. There are patches flying around for gPodder that attempt to convert any format to MP3 before syncing, but I haven’t tried them.

I have ultimately switched to Rockbox for listening to podcasts. It supports M4A, has much more robust metadata parsing, and a ton of other features I find useful. YMMV.

Thank you for the reply.  When I change the settings as you suggested and then try to transfer podcasts from gPodder to the Clip, I get a “Cannot open device” message.  The MTP setting is the only way I can get gPodder to connect with the Clip, but then the Clip won’t play the podcasts.

I guess I’ll give Rockbox a try.  Thanks for the recommendation.

I’m afraid you’ll need MSC mode working in the Sansa original firmware before you can even put Rockbox on the player. You’ll also need it for the time being to transfer tracks for use by Rockbox, as Rockbox’s USB support for the Clip+ has not been released yet.