good/compatible video purchase websites?

Hello to all,

I was hoping someone here could point me to any good websites where I could purchase movies to put on the Fuze.  Unfortunately I bought a movie through Amazon Unbox before noticing the file wouldn’t be compatible on this device.  Can you share any websites that DO work? If you know whether the website have a decent collection of foreign films, that would be a plus.

Thank you. 

If you download movies that you purchase, then you should be able to use the Sansa Media Converter to convert and transfer to the Fuze.  There are no services that allow direct transfer to the Fuze (currently).

The video for the Fuze is a specialy encoded form of MP4… there are currently no sites that support it.

However, you can convert your own DVDs/movie files for the Fuze using the Media Encoder, although it can be a lengthy process. 

The previous poster is correct. There are no video/movie download sites that support the FUZE and most likely will never be…

One issue is all movie/video download sites requires DRM.

There’s only 1 primary DRM available that can be used and that’s Windows Media DRM. (Apple does not license theirs which is FairPlay!)

Then it comes down to video format which is limited to Windows Media Video, because Windows Media DRM only works for Windows Media Video content.

Then it comes down to… Does the FUZE have a fast enough processor and software capable of decoding Windows Media Video which is usually VC-1, encoded at a resolution of 640x480?

I don’t believe the FUZE is powerful enough to decode VC-1/WMV.

If you want video purchasing and rentals, I would recommend a PSP or iPod.

Sony just launched movie/tv purchases/rentals in the PlayStation Store for the PSP. (Utilizing H.264 MPEG-4 with MagicGate DRM)

Apple of course has movies/tv purchases/rentals for the current iPod lineup, minus the shuffle. (Utilizing H.264 MPEG-4 with FairPlay DRM)

(Just because Apple and Sony’s services use MPEG-4 H.264 doesn’t mean they’re interoperable. H.264 becomes another language with DRM wrapped around it!)

Movielink and CinemaNow utilize Windows Media DRM and VC-1 that may be compatible with some Creative players, but am unsure about anything beyond that…

If Sandisk released players capable of playing back online movies they would likely work with CinemaNow or Movielink and thus they would most likely utilize Windows Media DRM and VC-1/WMV.

Or maybe RealNetworks with RealVideo and Helix DRM… But I doubt it!!!