getting video to play on sansa fuze useing a mac

I have and older mac its actually and emac but I do run version 10.4 .  The converter from sansa is not mac comaptiable. I had always used isquint or ffmpegx to make videos for my old ipod. none of these videos will play on the sansa fuze.  the fuze will not even recognized it if it ends  with .mp4 .  I have tried  divx files and the fuze sees it but says unspupprted format.  What do I need to use to get my videos on the fuze? and what settings should I try it on. I have tried ffmpeg in both ipod and psp settings and used the actualy divx converter set to mobile but nothing. If anyone can help I would appricated it. I have searched but have been unable to find a thread on this.

Maybe try converting the videos so they conform to the same specs as the sample video that came with it (especially resolution and probably bitrate). Here’s a thread that lists all the information.