Getting Error code 0xc000000f when trying to install win7 to SSD

System is gigibyte ud5 z77

cpu intel 3770k

I have the Sanddisk extreme 240gb

I formated my old hdd device before trying to install Windows on SSD

Sll i get id code Oxc000000f

After un plugging my HDD i was able to get it to finish the install?

Is there something im missing? cant use my HDD?

having the SSD should not prevent you from using a GDD as a secondary disk. Have you tried connecting the HDD as a secondary disk after install?

Updateing everything then im going to plug her back in and see hwat happens.

got everything updated and going…

But trying to install star wars the old republic to the drive and it is failing tryed 3x…

if you ahve not done it already you will want to do the firmware updgrade on your SSD. links are at the top of this board. 

Yes first thing i did after updateing windows.