Fuze rubberized skin starting to peel off...

…right near the power switch.  Bit over a year old and kept in a case most of the time.  Anyone else running into this?

For some reason that happened to my scroll wheel.  It now looks like crap with several long scratches across it where the coating is gone.  Fortunately I bought it to listen to, not look at, so I’m not overly bothered.

@blackdog_sansa wrote:
…right near the power switch.  Bit over a year old and kept in a case most of the time.  Anyone else running into this?

Yes. My Fuze has led a pretty pampered life too. I consider it a failure of the design of the power switch. As somebody else said a while back, (Bob and/or Tape) the power button on the e-series should have been carried over.I’m really not worried about it, but it does suck if I take the case off and you see it.

Agreed, the power switch of the e200 series was dropped for the…thing on the side of the Fuze.  Sorry, but it wasn’t my design.  The side power switch is hard-wired to “wake up” the Fuze from its slumber, just like the Clip.

For the e200, the menu / power button is superior, (now labelled the Home button on the Fuze).

There’s nothing wrong with its secondary purpose as the Hold switch.

I’ve modified the switch slider with an overlay of plastic, 1mm thick, that is far easier to operate.  The original wee beastie is just too flush for my big paws.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I understand that the design of the Fuze power switch is inferior to the e200 series, having owned the latter.  But really, the coating should be able to take normal wear from simply the operation of the switch.  My wheel is also shoing deteriorating coating right in the center where I press it with my thumbnail.  Again, slighly less-than-perfect ergonomics here because most people probably cannot reliable hit that center region dead-on all the time with a big thumb planted on it.

Wish Sansa would take a half-dozen of us maniacs and ask our opinions on the next generation… ID (industrial designers) seem to frequently downplay the actual details of usage in favor of how sexy the thing looks, or, even more frequenly, simply how inexpensively the thing can be manufactured.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just get a spray can of day-glo green and have at it…kidding…

The scroll wheel itself along with the center button on my Fuze has also started to lose it’s coating.It’s not as big a deal to me as the headphone jack on mine which is sadly D.O.A.

I’m not exactly recommending this, but you guys can scratch off the “skin” to a nice shiny gray layer.  However this is just as weak as the skin already being scratched off, but underneath that shinyness is just black and that’s it.  If you scratch it all off it just becomes black. The middle button is just a black dot on mine after all that scratching.  Just figure it’s a “skin” upgrade. 

The rest of my fuse still has the gray skin on it so I don’t exactly know what’s underneath that, but I will assume its the same gray-shiny gray-black skin.

Also dont scratch off the plastic part since its just plastic scratch the soft gray skin. 

I have the 8GB Fuze 

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