Fuze renaming

I have two new Fuze’s  and when I plug them in with WMP I can change the name so I know which one is connected, but then when I reconnect the name is not saved.   I have also gone to explorer and change the name there and again when I reconnect the name returns to the default.   Is there something I need to do in the Fuze or in Windows to get this to stay renamed?   I am using MTP with WMP, could use MSC but like syncing a separate playlist for each Fuze

When you use the Sync function to send tracks to the Fuze, WiMP remembers which device you have connected.  In fact, if you plug in both Fuzes at the same time, you can switch between them by clicking on teh Next Device icon in the upper right, and the tracks on each respective device will display.

On the left side of the WiMP interface, you will see the two Fuzes as well.  You can expand the tree below each one, looking at “sync results”.  This includes drag-and-drop tracks sent to either device.

I wish Microsoft had made a provision to tag each device with an individual name, as that is a natural thing to do.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob, that is what I thought, but since you could rename in explorer by right-clicking, but windows won’t remember it, I thought that maybe I was missing something.