Fuze or Clip+?

Which one is better and has fewer problems?

Replied to your duplicate post on the Fuze board.

Fuze if you want a video option; Clip if you want the smallest form factor.  Not needing the video feature, I like the Clip–easy to grab it and run.

But I heard the battery life isn’t good.

But I heard the battery life isn’t good. Is this true?

With MP3 files, you can figure on 10-12 hours with the Clips, perhaps a bit more (I think the specs say 14-15 hours);  Typically more than enough for a day and then plug it in and recharge at night.  Or if you need extra pwer during the day, bring a small external power battery with you. 

Be warned: because there’s pretty much no way to get a new Fuze, the batteries in any Fuze units you may get will have aged slightly, even if the package it comes in has never been opened. Therefore, some of the Fuze players out there might not get godd battery life at all. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how long the battery will last untill after you buy it.

Of course, Mikerman’s suggestion of using an external battery would apply nicely for this model, too.