Fuze OF since 2008 not good until I discovered Rockbox ver...7/22/2010

I bought this device as a xmas present to myself in 2009. I listen to audiobooks from the hobbist groups mainly. My Cowan G-2 died from a drop and I repaired it, but it didn’t have memory for my studies mp3s… Now comes the life with a sandisk fuze. I lived with the original OF(original firmware) for six months to ver. 33. The fuze was a v2 model hardware. I got pissed and decide to sell the fuze as the firmware updates didn’t address the power of the hardware and I was to find out later, it decreased the audio quality. I was ready to buy a quality Cowan D2. But I didn’t need another poly battery. We all know they are the major ■■■■■…in the world. Apple decided to use polybatteries and little mp3 players followed thinking apple acually did any engineering studies…poly bat vs replaceable rechargable batteries is 14 hours vs infinety.

Before I put the piece of hardware on ebay, I chose to try rockbox…and I am still trying to pick my jaw off the ground. The sound quality improved 10 fold…the original OF is flawed.

My recommendation is if you own one of the machines, rockbox it…rockbox is very stable and dual boot…its not for the noobie DAP owner. But it won’t brick your hardware.

If you don’t own one of these machine, then don’t. Instead, buy a digital audio player that has A-b, bookmarking with list, resume with list, no gap playing…that is a joke why any DAP today doesn’t have what we’ve enjoyed with our cd players…

I give sandisk a big thumbs up for this forum so I could find a solution to my personal problem istead of buying another machine.

Thanks scandisk.    

funny I looked up my earlier posts a I have only one…back in Nov. 2009. It was response to a clip user that suffered the problems I was encountering with my xmas present fuze. 


Sandisk has never addressed audiobook users. The went on to spew id3 tags into the main menus…

loureed101  who I anwsered, never got an answer from scandisk…I did anwser him correctly that many months ago.

tufur wrote:


loureed101  who I anwsered, never got an answer from scandisk…

Maybe that’s because this isn’t a Tech Support forum; it’s a User’s forum.

Plus the fact that it is SanDisk , not ScanDisk. :stuck_out_tongue: