Sansa Fuze v1 : Rockbox vs Original Firmware

ROckbok have the stable version for sansa fuze v1. But i wonder which is better ?. ROckbok firmware or Original firmware from sandisk…ANy idea ? Thans a lot…
Sry for my bad english !


I cant tell you which is better for the performance but if you install rockbox into the Sansa Fuze you will lose the warranty of the product and SanDisk will not provide you any warranty or replacement if it brakes or issues appear.

Given that the (original) Fuze has been out of production for several years now, I doubt if any warranty issues will come up.

Many people who hear about Rockbox want to know the difference between it and the SanDisk OF (original firmware). There are many threads here and on the Anythingbutipod forum on the subject, but I would first encourage anyone curious to read Why Rockobx? on their own website.

But to put it very simply . . . The Sandisk firmware is very easy to navigate and operate intuitively. Rockbox gives one many, many more options and customizable settings, some of which you may use and some which you may not. Additionally, there are a whole assortment of different ‘themes’ one can download and use that changes the look of the display screen and GUI. There is definitely a learning curve though, but if you decide you don’t like it, it can be easily removed.

Thanks a lot. Because i’m not an audiophile so i can not determine the differences of sound quality when using rockbox or original firmware…Do you have any idea about that ?

Rockbox fixes the pitch error on the Fuze v1 (which I think the sandisk firmware never fixed) and provides you with EQ and other DSP effects, but other than that it won’t change the audio quality. Its still the same hardware no matter what firmware you load. The output will be essentially the same barring any bugs (like the sandisk pitch error). FWIW, the V1 port has fairly bad battery life. What happened is that soon after the port started Sandisk released the V2 which had better hardware, so everyone switched over to working on the newer device and some of the power management stuff was never fully implemented.