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a where is it? is it this thread? is so then : voted

it is in one of the widgets on the forum main page. 

Maby it should be an option of all of the above. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Slotmonster,

is there any chance for a tap and hold power button for both, lock and anlock? 

That would be the deal man, really! Taktile button to feel gives kinda insurance to the user that he surely did provoke the action that happened when our Fuzy shows unlocked right?

Also the power button is very much less exposed to accidental pressure by tightness of clothes like jeans pockets or a neoprene pouch would apply all too often in all day use while commuting.

Another important thing for your developers would be to make always sure that FW doesn’t lock the dedicated volume buttons when the touch panel is locked. It’s often very important to grab your pocket, feel the side buttons and turn volume down without being forced to show the friendly cop that you have to handle a Fuzy+ in order to follow the rest of his an-mtb-is-not-a-street-bike speech … could save a lot of hazzle and money in daily use :smiley:

Thanks for considering this and good luck against steve and his rotten apple!

Why not let the user select which option they want.

yes please it would be a good idea

press and hold is used to turn on and off the player. doubt that will change so this  is probably why that is not an option.  

I agree that all options should be available, allowing the user to choose which method best suits him/her.

Additionally, I think there should be some sort of “lock” icon that permanently appears when the player is locked. As it is now, just looking at the screen doesn’t tell someone whether the lock is on, you have to touch the pad and activate the “slide up to unlock” screen to know whether or not the lock is activated. The issue that arises with this is that sometimes I’ll take the player out of my pocket and it will already be unlocked, unbeknownst to me. The screen has also been activated by my pocket meaning I’m not looking at a black screen (with a black screen, I have a “free” touch to check whether it’s locked or not). So in this scenario, I’m literally looking at the current song playing and have no way of knowing if my player is still locked or not without touching the pad, a risk as far as I’m concerned.

I agree with your suggestions, and I don’t know about anyone else, but when I record voice and FM radio, the playback often misses/skips a second, every few seconds. it is very frustrating, especially because sometimes I record a beat for later playing on my drum set, and if a miss a sound, it can make the whole purpose useless.

where exactly is this widget?

@alienkid10 wrote:

where exactly is this widget?

It’s gone now. That was almost 2 months ago.

Time marches on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we please have another widget?

what was it about and what were the options?

The last “widget” was about the lock feature.

There was a poll regarding how users would like a lock function implemented.

Personally, I prefer to work outside the box.  The touch pad has been a lightning rod  for issues with the new device.  I would like to use its quirkiness as its strongest attribute.  This can all be done with software.

When locked , the touchpad can be remapped, not just “disabled”.  The beauty of a touch pad is that you no longer need to fine a specific spot on the pad to operate it, with the exception of controlling the unlock.  My preference is to have alternate functions when locked, like a multiple-tap play/pause anywhere on the pad (this requires a deliberate rate of tap, so it doesn’t do things you don’t want), as well as a novel “sweep to skip” function, that would be sublime.

The development team is trying different possibilities, rest assured. 

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

To neutron_bob, I think that a locking feature like the iPod Touch would work a lot better than your solution.

A tap on the top power button locks the player and the screen turns off, then another tap turns the screen back on, and the usual swipe up the middle unlocks the player.


Why not just press it again?

Why is sliding up necessary? You’re just adding a useless gimmicky requirement to unlock the device.

Personally, I think there should be separate “locked” and “pocket” modes.

Locked mode is activate by a tap on the power button.

Pocket mode is activated by the current hold play button method.  Pocket mode allows a double tap to pause/play and a slide (continuous movement in any direction) skips to next track.

Volume controls could be available in either mode.

A tap on the power button would release either mode.

Two cents, change anyone?


Personally, I have absolutely no issues with the lock feature as it now stands…but with that said, the way the iPod Touch locks and unlocks is probably a touch (pun intended!) better.