fuze download speed slows as more songs get loaded from napster to go

i’m using napster to go to load a fuze 4g. the first song went in fast, followed by a very fast ‘read’. after about half a gig or so i noticed that the ‘read’ after each song was longer and longer. at about 2 gigs, it was taking over a minute after each song, so i cancelled the transfer as it was going to take hours to fill the 4g plus 4g sd card (which has not been inserted yet, so it’s a fuze with factory settings).

the firmware is 01.01.11A, which appears to be the newest per this forum. does anyone know what is going on? my guess is that either the fuze or napster is reading the whole catalog, or perhaps sorting it alphabetically, or something else that would take more time as the list grows. after i gave up on songs, i dragged several huge mp3 files into it and they went in as fast as you would imagine, so the transfer speed is not changing, just some kind of post-transfer operation.

i tried using playlists, to separate the tracks into smaller groups, but that had no effect.