Problems with Napster.

I am using Napster To Go and am having problems transfering songs to my Fuze. I restored the factory settings and even reformatted it. For some reason it will only save one or two songs. After that it will say “transfer error”. I press retry and it says that the songs may not fit. I have over 3gb of room left. I also have a 4gb mirco sd card in it. I thought that maybe the card was bad so I removed it and it still gave me the error message.

As a side not I never had this problem with the old firmware.

Any help would be great.



Device not recognized because of new firmware and got de-authorized?

I’m debating on sending it back. It’s still under warranty.

I tried loading music files from “My Music” in my PC and it still has problems sending it to my fuze.

I just updated napster and have the same problems as before.