Fuze Docking Station - SDAMX-BST

Good Afternoon All,

I have read all the posts regarding the sansa dock ‘SDAMX-BST’ can i just clalify a few points,

  • The base will work fine without an adaptor
  • The remote will work
  • The sansa fuze will not fall down due to lack of support
  • If i bought the base i would not have to take a hack saw to it !

I have just bought a fuze which i think is great but like everyone else i’m asking the question, they seem to be very popular and are competing against the ipod but why the hell is it so hard to find speakers/docks etc… especially in the uk

I have seen the base unit on amazon for £28 and i am looking to purchase it

Just another quick question, will my 4gig fuze take a 8gig card, i read posts claiming it will and will not,

Kind Regards