Fuze 8GB connector question

Hi all. I would like to make some test on a Fuze 8G. I’ve some doubt about the connector. Looking the picture http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/images/fuze-disassemble/sansa-fuze-disassembled-18.jpg , I suppose the pin 1 is the first on the left (near the microphone).  This should be the same as in the e200 model http://daniel.haxx.se/sansa/e200/pics/board1.jpg.

Can I solder a USB cable directly to the circuit using pin 2 (2nd from the left) for +5 , pin 4 for USB+, pin 5 for USB+ and pin 6 for GND ?

In other words I would like to solder a USB cable directly on the circuit. I wonna be sure to use proper pin.

Thanks in advance for any answeer.