Fuse / Outside portable speakers

Folks I have gone through the internet for the last few weeks looking for a SanDisk (sansa) speaker Dock system. One site recommeded imotion 600, ordered it and guess what…its doesn’t work with the fuse. I really like the sandisk mp3 players over the apple, however after searching and searching I still can’t find one that syas it works with the FUSE. The imotion im510 also is suppose to work with the Fuse along with Sandisk’s own digital player charging dock…both have be discontinued. ANY SUGGESTIONS…Please

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Griffin Dock - it looks like Amazon has this one available for a dock.  I thought they sold out.  I use this with a wall charger (come with a USB cord to plug into the computer).  And then separate speakers, as it’s just a docking station.  I bought my cheap speakers at walmart too and they don’t have any power plug or even batteries.  They aren’t loud, but work.


Thanks for the information…but I’m still looking for some type of device we can place the Fuse and listen to outside/speaker system by the hot tub or beach. Does anyone know about the imotion300 ? I am not getting anywhere with this search, I even contacted Sandisk directly and CAN’T believe that someone out there doesn’t make a speaker/docking system for this pm3 player. I hate the ipod apple and really like the sansa fuse.

The Fuze has an headphone-out, and technically will work with any speaker dock, since all of them will have an audio-in. The only issue is aesthetics, since the jack is on the bottom of the unit. The simplest solution is to glue a “spacer”, like a piece of styrofoam or packing foam, inside the dock to allow space for the audio plug. You can cut a concavity in the spacer to form-fit the Fuze if you want to be fancy.

If you want line-out fidelity, then it’s DIY:


The post has full pin-out info.

The good thing about the Fuze is that it’s been around long enough that most anything you want done with it, has already been done by somebody. The bad thing is that you have to do it yourself, since 3rd-party accessories are only for the few most popular players.

The Altec Lansing inMotion iM413 Portable Audio System for Sansa is what you’re looking for. Unfortunately it is no longer available except occasionally at ebay and craigslist sites. The iM413 is a really good solution but any generic powered computer speakers will do what you need although less elegantly.

The imotion 600 on Amazon says "auxiliary input connects to any CD, DVD, or MP3 player using a stereo mini-plug "  So yes you can use it.  You may need an aux cable and then some place for the Fuze and how to figure all this out.  So this will work.

The 300 wasn’t on Amazon, so I can’t be sure.  Check the specifications on it.

If you buy one of these for an ipod, my suggestion would be to cover up, permanently, the connection to the ipod area.  Someone else may not realize you can’t do both and you will damage your fuze if it’s connected to an ipood connection.

Thank You, I’ll start looking on ebay after work. My work has ebay blocked…go figure