Fully Charged Battery? How to Tell in a Sansa Connect?

Hi, All,

I’ve searched the forum and RTFM, but still can’t find what consititutes a full charge with a Sansa Connect.  Is it when the battery icon is completely green?  Or is there a trickle charge period afterwards?  The charge lightning bolt never appears to go away when the machine is in a usb port or plugged into the wall.

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The lightning bolt will appear there as long as it’s plugged into a power source.  You can tell the unit is done charging by looking at the power button on top of the unit.  When the unit is charging, the button will have a pulse effect.  When it is done charging, the power button will be in a solid state.

I hope this helps.



This does help.  I’d been looking for that answer everywhere, and you were the one who made it clear.  Going through this forum, I had seen your other helpful posts, and I thank you for those too.  There’s not as much information as there might be in the manual, so it’s great to have the veterans such as yourself help others get to the bottom of things.