battery question

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question about my battery, when the battery is fully charged, and I disconnect
my sansa from the USB, the battery indicator is not full anymore, is this normal?


You mean, you see the icon drop down a notch?

yep, is that normal?

How long do you have it charging? Another thing you want to check is to see how long the battery lasts in the player.  I’m sure you’ve read the speculations on the player the batt is supposed to take 3.5 hours to charge and the batt should last up to 20 hours.  Give me some more details and I should be able to help you out.


Perhaps the meter isn’t right. The only way to make sure its correct is to listen to your music. if it lasts for around 18 hours, its fine, otherwise, you might want to get it replaced. Hope this helps :slight_smile: