Freezed in logo

Player after I took flushku and turned it off , it hung on the logo . Please help me. The technical support I can not help it because ak restoration ![](

Not sure I understand:  “flushku”?  “ak restoration”? 

Regardless, and if you’re talking about a SanDisk Sansa Clip player, did you try a reset?  Hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds–and some people say as long as a minute or more–and then start up normally, from the off state.

Sorry i use google translate; “flushku” - sd card “ak restoration” -refurbished. And your method does not work, it just hangs on the logo

If there is a card in the player, remove it then try turning it on. If it still hangs, and you have copies of all the music on the player in your pc, then connect the player to your pc while holding down the center button on the player. Format the player using your pc, which will delete all the music on it. 

Disconnect the player, and see  if it will start up without any songs on it. If so, then the problem is likely to be the tags on your songs. For mp3 files, they need to be in the format ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1. if your files also have large embedded art that might cause the player to choke. It is best not to have any album art embedded in the tags, and instead have it in a folder.jpg file that is within the folder of music files. after you get the tags on your songs fixed, then copy the songs to your player.

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