found solution to the (frozen/won't turn on) problem 4gb clip+

i had my clip for almost a year and its only froze once before 7 months ago the hold for 20-30 sec reset fixed it

this time it froze on the goodbye screen and stayed that way for about 30 sec

i held the center button and pause/play button for 10 sec and it went to black screen

but it was totally unresponsive no sync to computer, not charging and the reset didn’t work no matter how long i did it

what i did was i held the center button and pause/play button and the power button while it was connected to the computer

it went into sync mode and its working like usually does

i hope this helps someone with a similar problem

Holding the power button alone may do the trick, as the formal SanDisk reset procedure.

Quick question though. What does holing the play and power button simultaneously do? Does it differ when holding the power button alone?

im not sure but i did all sorts of stuff and it only started working when i 

connected to pc

pressed center button and play/pause+power botten at the same time