Sansa Clip+ Dead in Frozen state

Hello everyone!
I had my sansa clip+ player like last year, and  always used it carefully, mostly for training sessions.
Last night while I was training, the players stopped playing, it went in Frozen state, so i held the power button for a forced restore, it wasn’t the first time happening…
It Simply turned off and since then never maneged to get it back alive again…
So here are all the things I tested:

-Held power button for over 4 mins, but nothing
-Held power + home button but nothing
-Held power + central menu button but nothing
-Held central menu button while plugging the player to a pc but nothing

If I try to connect the player to a PC, the screen keeps staying off, no sings whatsoever…
PC can’t recognise the player and suggest me to do a FORMAT, I try that too, but it’s impossible to do due to some “system file missing”

Please help, I really love this player and till I don’t break it in tiny pieces I believe It may still work

Connect it to a computer or charger overnight and let it charge.  The battery could be dead.

Then disconnect it, hold the center button and connect it to a computer.

Or, after a long charge,  try turning it on by itself. Don’t hold the power button. Hold the home or center button and press the power button for a few seconds. Holding the power button for a long time is probably turning it off again.

Or, perhaps, try this:

What did work for me, was using NippurdeLagash’s solution (thanks!) from :

  • Remove external flash card from Sansa Clip player, if you have it 
    - Remove player from computer / usb cable
  • Start player with power button and instantly start pressing very rapidly middle button (the biggest button between arrow buttons) 
  • When you repeat previous step few times, you can get suddenly to main menu, instead of just seeing error message only ( “Not enough space for musicDB”)
  • When / if you get into main menu, format  the internal memory: navigate to Settings > System settings > Format > Yes (this will remove all your data “permanently” on player!)
  • Power off / on the player to see if issue was fixed