Found a site for roleback Frimware

I have found this site for older frimware, but No info how to instal it

Hold the phone, folks!  Did everyone (anyone?) look at the EDITED “Latest firmware update” posting from sansamonster?

ATTN: SanDisk has reverted back the firmware to 1.01.00 (as of 9/2/07)

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Problem solved !!!

Here are all the firmware revisions (I recommend 01.00.04 or 01.01.00):

Extract the mi4, font and ROM files using 7z unzip (you’ll find it on the net) and copy the extracted files into the root folder of your device in MSC mode and then disconnect it from USB. It will “upgrade” (or downgrade if you wish). If MSC mode is missing, put the player into Recovery mode by switching the HOLD on and hold down the record button for a few seconds.

Be sure to pay attention to the region code.
SansaC200 A 1_00_03.7z

A is America.
E is Europe.

F is Europe with FM

P is for Pacific
… Not really sure about the rest.

Once completed, the USB>MSC mode will be restored !!!


In firmware version 01.01.00, versions A (America) and P (Pacific) have been consolidated, it seems, and there is only P.