Found a lost Sandisk Cruzer

I need some help or advice and decided to turn to this forum. So I found a Sandisk flash drive on the ground yesterday. I plugged it into my PC and there is a Secure Access Vault that I can’t access because I don’t have the password. What should I do with the flash drive because it seems like I have no use for it? Would it be possible to format the drive to make it useable or should I just turn it in to the police for them to deal with it or even just throw it away? I really don’t want to throw it away because I’m hoping maybe I can use it.

You could format the drive which would erase everything on it including the Secure Access Vault & then use it as a regular flash drive.

If I format the flash drive, I will also lose the vault app no? Can I reinstall the vault because it would be nice to have such an app to keep my files in and hopefully not lose the flash drive it like the previous owner.

Yes, if you format the drive everything will be deleted including the vault app. 

After the format do 2 things: 

  1. create a text file on the drive with information of what someone should do if you loose it and they find it.

  2. download and install SecureAccess to the drive.  

Another thought, look around the area where you found the drive and see if anyone has posted something saying they lost it.  They might appreciate your finding it and returning it. 

Hi, I just wanted to say the right thing to do would be to try to find the owner. I lost mine and it had a bunch of things on it from my pregnancy to my sons 1st birthday and I’d be so thankful to get it back. I lost mine right around the time you posted this but mine didnt have a password so I doubt you have mine. I am still searching any way I can and hoping someone didnt just throw it away or use it being they arent that expensive.