Formatting trouble with 32gb micro SDHC card

 I have a Nook HD+  and I bought a micro SD card to expand the memory in it. Use Win7 as my OS. Formatted the card in my computer as FAT32 and mounted it without trouble. After loading a few hundred books I noticed that the format of it while in the Nook is “Generic Hierarchial”. Erased it, unmounted it, reformatted it as exFAT32 this time - was told that with Win7 the exFAT format is the correct option. Remounted, reloaded and again its showing as a Generic Hierarchial card. Am I doing something wrong? Tried to load a few newer books 2 weeks ago and NOTHING is showing up as loaded on the card now…all those books are gone. Appreciate any help I can get as B&N says that of course its not a Nook problem but a memory card problem.


exFAT and FAT32 are file systems. The card does not care what file system is used. You need to just determine what the Nook is compatible with. Once you know that format the card in that file system and it should work. The name the host shows is not all that important and is generally whatever the programmers put there. It may show up as Generic Hierarchical just because that is the way it is programmed to show external cards.