formatting readycache (windows 7 )

Hi guys 

             Im about to buy a “sandisk sata 3 2.5” 128gb ssd "( ) and i want to use the 32gb readycache in my wifes acer laptop ( she downloads nothing and just uses it for web browsing,allthough im adding a 32gb memory stick for additional storage )

           ive read the guide at … however i dont completely understand it 

            can i fit the drive in the laptop and then format it during windows 7 installation … or do i need to “prep” it before fitting the drive ( and if so can i do this using disk manager ?

              any help will be much appreciated … also how good is the 128gb sandisk … it seems ok for the price !

                        thanks  SanDisk SSD SATA III 2.5" 128GB Solid State Hard Drive

Hi. Looking at the specs, Expansion/Connectivity Interface SATA 6Gb/s and backwards compatible 3Gb/s You need to check the Acer laptop if it has that interface.

it does support sata ( 3 ) and after checking the crucial site ( ) it supports ssd,s … can i format/set up the ssd during windows 7 installation ?

sata 3gbps doesn’t matter so much,3469-14.html

real world difference is almost nothing.

I’m going to bet the ready cache ssd is very slow compared to a modern ssd, but its still fast for a drive, just format it like a normal drive, install windows, nothing special, its just a normal drive.  The software is limited to this drive artificially as far as I know.

 Once you get around to it, install this and benchmark the drive for us

AS SSD, pretty standard for testing ssd.