Folders for Books and Podcast no longer show

I do not readily see this topic addressed after a search.  Hope I am not rehashing.  My SanDisk Zip has been working great till i just loaded a new book consisting of several folders from the CDs.  Now when I turn it on on it goes straight to FM Radio?   That is all I see.

I tried rebooting a couple times by holding down the Off but it did not help?   I can hook it up to the PC and see the Audio Book folders and all the contents are there.   Zip is just bypassing everything and only show the FM Radio.  

I guess you actually don’t mean folders, but menu icons. Under «Settings»/«System Settings» there’s a menu point called «customize», where you can choose the components you want to be displayed. I’m sure the missing ones aren’t checked.

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Bingo!  That was it thanks!!!