Folder Size Limit?

Is there a limit to the size of a folder when put on the SD card? I had several audiobooks on internal memory each in their own folder and they showed up fine. I moved them all to an SD card and one book folder that was over 990 mb in size seemed to be split into two listings - one with the correct name and another named Unknown in the Clip Zips book menu. That unknown listing had several random chapters from the book that were missing from the book’s folder. Very odd. When I looked at the SD card on the PC there was no folder named Unknown.

I am not sure what is happening. I am wondering if the book exceeded some type of limit and those files got moved by the Sansa???

Fixed the problem - several chapters were not tagged properly and these were what was sent off into the unknow folder. Fixed the tags and fixed the problem.

Good to hear you got it sorted out! Yes, these Sansa players are very picky about tags, and that can lead to lots of confusion and frustration.