folder navigation...?

i’ve had three fuzes, and i’ve loved them all, especially the folder mode. when i got the clip sport, i was pleased to find it still had folder navigation

except it doesn’t actually have that “navigation” function, not that i can tell? it’ll let me look at the folder list, and then select a song, but once i’m in the song view, that’s it, i can’t access the list again unless i go to the main menu > folder > internal/external > whatever other folders i need to navigate in the chain to actually look at the files.

am i just missing it somehow or is there really only a random back/forth option once you select a song in a folder?

ugh and apparently it does the same thing in regular music mode? and there’s no “all songs by artist” option, it forces me into albums, or to shuffle things by the artist?

i feel like it’s very difficult and annoying to actually CHOOSE the particular songs i want to listen to

I’m not entirely sure if this is related but try to check on the conversation below and see if it leads you onto something.

@rhodesv wrote:

I’m not entirely sure if this is related but try to check on the conversation below and see if it leads you onto something.

i’m sorry, i’m not sure what song order and album art has to do with not being able to navigate files/songs? i’ll restate my problem: literally when a song is playing, i have to press the menu button and start from the main menu if i want to actually choose a new song. if i’m listening to a certain artist i have to go menu > artists > artist > shuffle or album (there is no option to view all songs by an artist) > song and once i’m on the song i can’t go back to select a different album, so i have to start from the beginning and do music > artists > artist > album again just to select a different song i want to listen to. otherwise i’m stuck with random playback.

the portion you linked to is also 8 months old, so if this problem hasn’t been fixed in 8 months then that doesn’t bode well either. if your intent was to suggest maybe this is a software bug or a defect, if i’m going to bother to return this item where i bought it i really don’t have the patience of bringing another clip home just to see if it has basic functionality, know what i mean? ):

sinew, do you have the latest firmware installed? I have a Sandisk Clip Sport with FW version 1.17 and in the Folder menu I can navigate back and forth through the folders with the back |<< and forward >>| buttons. The menu button <- brings me all the way back to the main selection screen. In track playing view (with the song progress bar, album art, etc) the menu button brings me back to the folder with the track that is playing. From that point I can navigate with the back and forth buttons again.

Let’s say that while playing track <clip_sport>\folder1\folder2\a.mp3 I would like to start track <clip_sport>\folder1\folder3\b.mp3 instead. I would have to press:

menu <-, back |<<, up or down to folder3, forward >>|, up or down to b.mp3, forward >>| or select button (middle button)

… In other words, for me the  menu button (<-) changes functionality depending on the context.

I don’t see how your player can behave so differently from mine, except if you have a different firmware version …