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I purchased an FM Transmitter - the Griffin iTrip. Its listed on the Sandisk website as being the compatible transmitter, as well as BestBuy and every other electronics website I’ve found that has Fuze accessories. However, I just can’t get this thing to work on my Fuze. I know the transmitter is functional, because it works great with my friends iPod. We tried in both vehicles. Is there some special setting I’m need to set my Fuze to before plugging it into the transmitter?


Danger Will Robinson!!!

The iPOD connection is NOT the same, even though it can be wedged into your Fuze.  The Power and audio pins are in the wrong location, and damage can result.  If the device connects to the headphone jack ONLY, you can use the Fuze as an audio source.

Use one of adapters designed for Sansa only.  If the device is functioning with the iPod, it might be an iPod version!

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It IS made for Sansa. Hence my confusion :slight_smile: 

where did you buy the product? you may have been shipped the wrong model. does the package say made for sansa?

Hm. No packaging, bought it off ebay :slight_smile: Its obviously a factory made Griffin iTrip. And it works on other players, just not mine. Thats a good point though, the site does say ‘iTrip for Sansa’. Perhaps there are two models, one for iPods and one for Sansa and I didnt get the Sansa version.

So there is nothing special I need to do on the Fuze before connecting to the car audio? No setting or anything, just plug and play

Thank you for your help

I wish I had posted sooner:  IF the device is an iPod variant, it is PLUG AND FRY for your Fuze!!

You mentioned that “my friend’s iPod works just fine on it”, which would logically point to the possibility that reality is more accurate than some Joe’s post on an eBay sale.  If it WORKS OK with an iPod, it is the iPod version?

Look on the unit for a manufacturer serial number, and check with Griffin…or more simply, look at your Sansa’s 30 pin cable (NOT the Fuze’s socket), and compare the edges of the 30-pin very closely to the connection on the transmitter.

I don’t want to see your Fuze go up in smoke!

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Yikes! Good to know. I guess I should stop trying to plug my Fuze into all the accessories at the electronics store to see if its compatible, huh? :slight_smile: