FM Record Recording Clicking Noise When Recording

Hi - I’ve tried tech support and just put on the .20 firmware, but on several FM stations, as SOON as I start recording, get a regular, fairly rapid TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK sounds which persists until I stop recording. Unfortunately, it is on the only station I’d really like to record. Otherwise this seems to work fairly well.  Tech support claimed the .20 firmware “fixed” this. It is different than any static - it is a regular ticking sound which makes this feature unusuable… :{   Thanks… Doug


If you are listening to a “weak”  station its possible the record function will introduce a little tick noise.  Try to improve your reception with the antenna position, or chose a stronger station. It has nothing to do with the firmware.  Its the SNR of the FM signal is affected by the additional electrical activities of encoding, writing to the Flash etc.


This is one of the first things I encountered when trying to record FM broadcasts.  I got a clear recording one time and right afterwards a clicker.  By chance, I found that if the headphone cord was extended fully the apparent interference disappeared.  Whether it is an issue of FM signal strength or crossover interference from the internal writing process bleeding into the signal, that’s for the electronic whiz kids to ponder. I’m still experimenting like winding the phone cord around my ear a couple of times to see if that helps.

Thanks for the info./trouble-shooting–very helpful to know.

The dreaded ticking! ARRRGH!!!   drives me nuts too bro… and happens on the only radio show i like to record.   Sounds perfectly clear when not recording though. 

you definitely aint alone on this one.

Sansa Clip fw v02.01.32f. 

I am afraid by my experience this may be a general flaw in Clip’s recording procedure. I get the same in voice recording> when i tried to record total silence I got CLICK-CLICK-CLICK “processing” clicking sound (bit faster than seconds) - and you can even hear it with volume on 50% only!!! 

However, i did not manage to replicate this problem with FM recordings convincingly (notably because you don’t get many “silent” stations :wink: ) so possibly try upgrading firmware. Simply, with FM recordings I did not find any seriously noticeable processing noise.

Anyway, with Voice Rec, that’s for me a unfortuate flaw on otherwise little gem mp3 player. Now I understand it’s a USD30 player, so i don’t expect the same features/settings as in my 4years old iAudio 5. However, AT LEAST the features could be executed properly in such a widespread long-running model as clip is [can you see the irony? the industry went all bonkers about touch/video and if you want a small, solid device you struggle…] PS>However, again hands down for the immaculate sound quality coming from Clip’s hw!

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