FM Radio Recording Quality

I think I might have found the one thing that disappoints me about the Fuze: FM recording quality. When I was shopping around for players, one of the features that attracted me to the Fuze was the ability to record FM radio as a wave file.  

However, when I checked my first few attempts at recording, I was sorely dissapointed: it records at 24kHz.  Essentially, this strips away 20% of the broadcasted sound.  (FM radio is typically broadcast with a frequency range from 30-15000Hz, whereas the Fuze only records up to 12000Hz.)  

I’m not sure if the quality is set low because of a hardware limitation, or if it’s set in the firmware somewhere, but either way, I don’t like it.    :angry:  If it’s a firmware restriction, I hope SanDisk at least bumps up the recording quality a notch or two.  

(not sure if there was even any point to posting this here; but I just wanted to get it off my chest.)

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Since when does FM radio broadcast at CD quality?

@aircraftkiller wrote:
Since when does FM radio broadcast at CD quality?


Aircraftkiller wrote:
Since when does FM radio broadcast at CD quality?

I’m aware that it doesn’t.  I only suggested 44.1kHz (CD sampling rate) for the recording quality because it would make burning to CD-R all the more convenient.

I did a little research on the frequency response of FM radio, and found out that it typically ranges from 30-15000 Hz.  With the Fuze’s current recording quality, there’s still a fair bit of loss.  Enough for there to be a noticeable, audible difference in sound quality anyway.   I’ve re-worded my first post a little to clarify that.