FM sample rate


I’m a owner of a Sansa Fuze 8GB.

The quality and the sound is excelent.

I have the following question:

Is it possible to increase the FM Recording quality,-> sample rate 44 kHz (instead of 22 kHz).

If not, is it possible to implement this in the next Firmware-Update, or is there a technical limit?

A record option would be the best choice.

With the higher sample rate FM Recordings are possible without any quality losts.

I need this option, otherwise I must buy a second player (not a good solution),

but in every case I will use the Fuze in parallel (because it is the best player I ever had, thank SANSA for that)

Thanks you for your answer

excellent idea send a message to one of the sansa developers there’s a whole bunch of them around the forums or try

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Good idea! Don’t think it has to go to 44k sample. FM can only go to 15khz frequency response. You have to sample digital at twice that frequency so 30K, maybe 35K to be safe would probably work.