FM radio quality

Anybody have comments about the quality of the FM radio?  How sensitive is it?  Does the strongest station in the area overwhelm the weaker ones?

Different people have different experiences.  Personally, I find that it works just fine, including in shielded metal buildings.  I don’t have any issue in one station overpowering others.  Oh, and I’m in a crowded, large urban area.

The radio requires a rather strong signal.

It is one of the few things about the clips that isn’t good.

Depends on where you live, the volume of stations broadcasting in the area, the output wattage of those stations, the length (and straightness) of the ear/headphone cord (doubles as the antenna), and assorted other variables.

Many factors go into how well the FM radio performs in your specific area. Which headphone you use also matters, as the headphone cord is the FM antenna. I am also within a large metropotan area and have had no problems with the radio on the Clip+. Others have mentioned having reception problems, however they would probably have problems with the FM tuner on any portable radio. Station signals that are too strong or too weak, or very strong adjacent stations might be a factor. Some people have problems just with tuning in some specific stations.