FM Sound Quality

Hi, I purchased the Clip because of the FM radio and the Equalizer. However, in nowhere Sansa says that the equalizer does not work with the radio (the adds are really misleading about this problem).

  • Does anyone know how to adjust the bass and treble of the FM radio?

  • Is there anyway (e.g., through the PC or software or firmware - even knowing in this last case that it would be fix) to adjust it?

The quality of the radio is far from my taste. If I could adjust it by anymeans I would highly appreciate!!


The radio sound quality is dependent on a strong signal and whether or not the material being broadcasted by the station is loud, clear and in stereo.

The FM section is analog, and separate from the digital signal path; and yes, the equalizer is part of the digital section.

I would love being able to EQ the FM output, but that isn’t possible in this tiny configuration.

Bob  :wink: