FM cuts out and controls wonky (not mute button depressed)

My 2GB Fuze  cuts out with no audio for no apparent reason.  Any button I press does not resosove this.  I can switch to recorded files or video and I have the audio fine  but the only way to get the audio back on FM is to hold the power button up for 10 or more seconds.  I downloaded the firmware update January 14 and still have the problem.  This seems to be happening outside in the cold but even if I wear the unit against my skin under my coat it still fails repeatedly.   When it stops the controls to the FM stations behave erratically, sort of jump up and the preprogrammeds don’t scan by all with no sound.

Love the unit and told many people it was the best but now this.  I feel stupid.


Sounds like an issue with the select button. I dont have a fix for you, but Call Sansa Support.