Fix Album Art Issue and Allow Compatibilty with MicroSD High Capacity for E200 series

Fix the Album Art not transferring issue from Windows MP 11 (I know it is probably a Windows problem, but they won’t fix it since it isn’t Zune), and, if feasible, allow for the MicroSD HC cards to work.

Flame  me for the MICROSD request because I see it on here already.  I searched fro the Album Art fix request and it wasn’t listed.  I don’t care if you consider it a bug, I just want a fix and we all know Micrsoft aint doing it!

I’ve had some issues with Album Art doing some odd things with WMP11 but I think i found a work around. I don’t know if this will help you out or not but here it is.

In WMP 11 under the library you should see the album art there beside the different albums. Highlight or select the tracks you want to add the album art to and right-click on one of the highlights. Select advanced tag-editor and then select the pictures tab. Click on add and this should pull up the same folder associated with the album. I use the folder.jpg for the album art you can select any of them actually. Select front cover from the pull down box and then select ok.

Next just use WMP11 to sync those tracks to your e200 while your player is in MTP mode and test it out to see if the album art shows up. This worked wonders for my player.

If this doesn’t work, describe what’s going wrong with yours in more detail.

Rockbox can let you use microSDHC cards.

Album art is a touchy issue.  WMP doesn’t copy it because they have no idea what the specific vendor is calling their files.  Apple has it easy because it’s all about them.  So, I wrote a VBScript file that copies your “folder.jpg” files to your Sansa device as “album art.jpg”.  The way the script works is to search your Sansa device first and get a list of artists and albums.  Then it checks to see if your computer has a similar artist/album pair and copies the artwork.  It works for me.  If you want it, go here:

click on the Utilities link and find the Put Album Art link.  It’s a text file.  Just copy the text and paste it into Notepad and save the file to you computer as PutAlbumArt.vbs.  Make sure you edit the file in Notepad and read the header.  It is very important.

If you want a GUI that someone else wrote, go here:

Remember, none of these are guaranteed to work on your computer!

some can use Micro SDHC

i know my e260 v2 will

I think I’ve tried every possible way there is to fix the album art problem, but it still won’t show up. But on one or two songs, it shows up!! the way I tried putting the album art onto all of the songs is the same for every song. It’s really annoying me, even though it’s not even that important.