Firmware Updater Not In System Tray

I can see the software in my task manager as a process that is running and taking up memory, but it won’t show up in the system tray. Has anyone else had this problem? Vista 64-bit, 8GB Fuze.

I was able to get around it via manual install, but I am really annoyed that it doesn’t automatically search for updates.

The Sansa Updater hides in the background.  If you plug in your Sansa, the little “S” should appear in the system tray as the device is recognized.

If the server has an updated version, a pop up window will announce the availability of the new firmware.  This installation does not happen automatically: you still need to check the “install” box before the application proceeds.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I did plug in the Sansa. Still no hint of this “S” that everyone talks about in the system tray.