Firmware Update Easy Suggestions

A simple thing Sandisk can do in the next firmware update to improve the Clip Sport (without requiring too much trouble):

Easy: 1) to return to the Song Playing instead of the Main Menu.   Deal breaker guys; how in the world can people EQ the song if every time they have to navigate through the main menu again? The solution is a simple redirect command. Sandisk, please?

          2) Either a “now playing” feature or a way to stop making the song playing restart every time you navigate back and press it again. Navigating will then become much easier because I won’t have to worry about the song in middle of playing restarting every time I by mistake press on it. In effect, this will also make problem “A” much less troublesome.

Thank you Sandisk and please take this into consideration!


In problem “1”, I am talking about pressing the back button when in the “Music Options” menu located when you press the bottom button in middle of playing a song.

Sandisk deleted that part on account of some “html” garbage that had no connection whatsoever to what I was doing.

when you press the back button and it goes back to the main menu then press the back bitton again and it will go back to the now playing screen.