Firmware update bricked my clip

Sansa firmware updater recommended updating the firmware on my 2gb Clip to 01.01.35  After automatic updating, the display on the clip shows that there are no songs - Play All shows “No Song”; Artist Album Songs Genres all show “Empty”.  However, when I plug the clip into my computer, I can access the clip’s memory and it shows all the songs, playlists and everything.  What the heck happened?  There is no output - no communication between the clip’s memory and its playing software.  Firmware update turned my Sansa Clip into a memory card.  And before I realized my clip was bricked, I updated my wife’s 2 gb clip and the EXACT SAME THING happened to hers. Any ideas?

OK, so my Clip is working again, and I’m not sure why.  I was about to sync it to my computer, but I did a little noodling around with Windows Media Player first - nosing through the files on the Clip, checking settings, etc., and pushing the power button on the Clip while it was plugged into the PC - and then unplugged the Clip.  After the display read “Disconnected”, it changed to “Refreshing your media”, which it hadn’t done before.  Now it is back to normal.  I was so excited I tried to do the exact same things to my wife’s Clip, and now it works fine, too.  The mystery is still a mystery to me, but at least it is no longer a problem.