firmware download makes a difference

I’ve been pleased with Sansa mp3 players with one exception. 

The c250 I had before I got my clip 1  and the clip also until I did the firmware download came with an unimpressive shuffle mode.

However since downloading the 1.01.29 ungrade on my clip …what an improvement.

No longer is the shuttle mode predictable.

I am very pleased with my clip and the earbuds that came with it are not bad not sensational but passable.  I made the mistake of getting those jvc earbud things and they have about the same sound quality as two tin cans tied together with string.

Which JVC’s did you get? I got the “Air Cushions” and I love 'em! IMO, a great set of IEMs for under $20.


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You might want to try the Air Cushions- they’re a world apart from the Marshmallows. (I consider them kind of entry-level audiophile phones…while the Marshmallows are just run of the mill mass-market phones.)

The thing about the Clip is, it’s sound quality is good enough to justify good phones (and isn’t even really brought out fully until one has decent phones)- the better the phones…the better the sound. I’ve heard of some people using $200 phones with the Clip, and saying the Clips SQ justifies them! (Me…I really don’t want to spend more than $20-$30 on phones…and IMO, the Air Cushions are the best in that range)

I am tempted to try a pair of Creative EP 630’s- they’re supposed to be tops amongst the cheap phones…and I believe they’re just a little more than the Air Cushions.

There’s actually a pair of headphones called “marshmallows”?  Too funny.

@cydewaze wrote:
There’s actually a pair of headphones called “marshmallows”?  Too funny.

Hehe…it seems that all the JVC phones have nicknames- “Marshmallows”, “Gummies” , “Air Cushions”…

Gotta admit…it makes them more easier to keep track of than saying “JVC FX33’s…”

I also got the AirCushions.  JVC HA-FX66-A.  They are the best earbuds I have tried so far.  Great price,  thanks for the tip, I am advising all the other guys to try em.

@sansafix wrote:
I also got the AirCushions.  JVC HA-FX66-A.  They are the best earbuds I have tried so far.  Great price,  thanks for the tip, I am advising all the other guys to try em.

Glad you like them, Sansafix!  But…uh…you’re willing to take advice from a guy who says “more easier”? :smileyvery-happy:

(Umm…ummm…uh…somebody else was using my computer…yeah…yeah…that’s the ticket! :wink:  )

Appreciate your sharing about your experience with Air Cushions.  I have read other user opinions regarding them and they seem to get good reviews.

I have a hard time keeping earbuds where they belong…in my ears.

That is what caught my eye about those jvc marshmallows all those people who worked out in the gym or wore them jogging said they stayed put with that memory foam feature…but I think I have the kind of ears that may be anti earbud. 

I walk a lot …don’t jog anymore or workout in the gym so I am not asking much of earbuds…only that they have decent quality sound and they stay in my ears. The earbuds that came with the Clip have stayed in my ears …sorta…but I just wish I could find a pair that would meet the aforementioned standards.

I agree that the superb Clip sound deserves good earbuds.

My “in house” headphones really bring out the best of the Clip and in particular my new Logitech noise cancelling phones really bring out the base to the extent that I have to crank back the equalizer base a bit.

I have an old pair of Jensen headphones I have used for walking …the sound is probably on a par with the Clip earbuds but they fit behnd the back of the head (theres a name for them that I can’t remember) anyway the only reason I wear them is they stay put but would really like to find a good pair of earbuds that will win the challenge of  my ears.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Will take another look at air cushions.



I’ve always had trouble keeping buds in place too. The ones that came with the Clip weren’t of much use to me…especially when walking or doing anything (I postponed getting an MP3 player for a long time, because I never like buds at all…). I also have a pair of Koss “The Plug” phones, which are kinda similar to the Marshmallows with the foam dealies…but I find the Air Cushions are the ones that stay in place perfectly- and are also the most comfortable (They come with several different sized ear-pieces)- and they sound alot better than the Plugs.  Between the superior sound and the great fit, if you tried them, I don’t think you’d ever go back. (Not to disparage the Marshmallows though- I’ve never personally tried those)

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Thanks for recommending air cushions.  Will probably give them a try.

This is a great forum

Ok, we all know that the “goodness” of headphones/erabus/IEMs/etc can be very much up to personal opinion.  But, in general the JVC Marshmallows are very good, especially for the price ($10 on sale at a lot of stores - Circuit City, Staples, etc, $20 normal price).

I only state this because many folks, including audiophiles on sites such as Head-Fi, etc boost the “goodness” of them, then again especially for the price.  There are easy “mods” online too, that some folks seem to like.

If your Marshamllows sound like tin cans, it is very likely due to not getting a good seal in your ear canal.  I thought the very same thing when I first tried mine.  I thought, “ok so they were on-sale for $10…still, that’s $10 wasted.”  Then I experimented with different tips on them.  I tried some Shure orange foamies on mine, mainly cuz I could find them locally sold invidually, not just 20 packs.  They work great, and the seal I get with them now is perfect.  The stock tip just did not work for me and my ears, in getting a good seal.  You will know it when you get one, as the bass is most certianly there.

These things are the furthest from “tin can” sounding you will likely find.  They can be actually bass-heavy with a super tight seal.

Anyway, try others out too, because everyone is (and their ears are) different…hehe…plus, it’s a great way to blow your cash…more and more headphones.:stuck_out_tongue: 

I have been waiting for the Air-Cushions to go back on sale around here too, they went from $35 down to $20 (IIRC) for a week a little while back, and I hesitated.  I have tried a few different in-ears (or ear canal, IEMs…not the full blown down to your brain IMEs) including the Creative EP-640 (630 with some accessories thrown in), the Marshamllows, some Skullcandy Ink’d (surprisingling good for them as a company), and I’d like to try the Air-Cushions too, along with some others.

Anyway, I think if you try to get a better seal with your Marshmallows you may find them to work just fine…especially for $10…ha!