Files coming out 10x bigger on SSD

I have EXTREME PRO 1TB model SDSSDE61-1T00. I am having a very annoying problem, files are coming out up to 10x bigger on the SSD than they are on the computer or on any other brand external HD. For example, I am trying to copy a 24 GB file and its telling me it cannot copy it because it needs 250 GB more free space. I have a few files on there now that are less than 200 GB anywhere else and are taking 750 GB on my SSD.
The files are CELLEBRITE PHONE EXTRACTIONS and have many subfolders and hundreds of small files. I am using default EX-FAT. Should I be on NFTS?
This is extremely frustrating and preventing me from getting work done. We paid for a 1TB SSD which right now is acting like a 100GB SSD.

Hi @bradpan75,

In order to resolve your issue, I would request to to format drive in NTFS file system.

So NFTS worked great. File sizes are correct, and transfer speed is much better. The file folders I am copying have 1000’s of small files, so NFTS was crucial for this.


This is to inform you that you can use NTFS format to transfer the files and it will not effect your effect.

Please refer below link to know more information with respective team: