Files are missing

I have the Sandisk IXpand Flash Drive and I own many of them and I’ve never had this specific problem before. I was transferring some videos yesterday and I’ve had issues where the files have transferred, however, when I unplug the USB from my iPhone and plug it back in and check the IXpand App, the files have not transferred so I always double check to make sure. Yesterday I doubled checked and all the files were transferred. I had 37gb left before I transferred my videos and after I finished transferring my files, I had 4gb left in the USB. This morning, I wanted to check the videos and the folder was there but all my files were not. The files were gone but the 4gb remained and it didn’t go back to 37gb so it seemed like the files were there but they are not existent because if they were deleted, I’m sure it would have gone back to 37gb. I checked on one of my iPhones and it showed 0 files but when I plugged in the USB on the phone that I originally used to transfer it showed 6 videos but when I clicked on the file nothing was there. I would really appreciate feedback and help, please! I was using a iPhone 11 originally and an iPhone 12 when I saw that it was no longer working, it also didn’t show on my ACER (not Mac) computer, if that makes a difference.

Hi @guanac05,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: