Files are auto converted to a format my mac doesn't recognise

Hi, I’m new to Secure Access. Last night I put files into my secure vault. Worked great. This morning I am in my office and want to copy the files onto my office computer (iMac) I can copy the files but they are now in a unix format and I can’t find a way to convert them back.

Can anyone help?



secureaccess does not convert files in any way. it does not ahve the capability to do this. 

I suspect in copying the files their extentions didn’t get included thus the Mac has no idea what they are.  On the Mac try renaming them to include their extention.

ie:  Picture!.JPG on pc -> Picture1 on USB -> rename to Picture1.JPG on the Mac.

Pictures are usually JPG file but could be PNG or BMP so if you don’t know for sure and what you try doesn’t work try a different one.  Renaming won’t hurt the file.