Filenames changed when copying?

Hi all,

just tried my first copy of 2857 photos and movies. All went well but opening the folder on my PC I see that all filenames have been changed?

I see a couple of issues like this when googling but I thought this was supposed to be fixed by now?

I am using the “Copy files” option.



App version 5.3.9(197)
iXpand Drive SDK version v115_v236
Drive firmware version
File System: FAT32
Card Type: 7

Please help.

@PLISSKEN Connect drive in PC and Manually update the firmware of ixpand drive with the help of windows PC with provided link: iXpand Mini Firmware Update Tool for PC

Please follow the link to format the iXpand drive with help of PC:

Warning:- Formatting will erase all data on the device. Back up all your data before proceeding.

Please follow the link to check steps copy files from your iPhone or iPad to the iXpand USB 3.0 : Copy files from your iPhone or iPad to the iXpand USB 3.0

Hi Neha, thanks, what is the latest ver of the firmware?

thanks for the awesome information.

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