File not supported for use on the device.

Just got my 4GB sansa fuze for christmas.  I’ve been trying to download some files off of a website that has audio sermons posted.  It has a download mp3 option to click on.  I click on this and it begins to play it on windows media.  I then save it as a playlist and try to sync it to the device, but doesn’t download it onto the device.  When I try to drag it to the devices music folder the message that comes up is the following:  "the file wpl. may be copied to the device for storage or transport use only.  It is not supported for use on the device itself.  If possible, use a program that can convert the file before copying it.  If you copy the file now, it will be stored in the device, but may not be presented in the device user interface.  Do you wish to copy the file to the device anyway?

Any suggestions?

Have you synced music playlists over to the Fuze? Or is this your first attempt?

.wpl is a Windows Media Playlist. It tells Windows Media Player where to find the file. It is not the actual .mp3 file that needs to be played.

You need to get the .mp3 files themselves onto the Fuze. Are they being saved to your Windows Media Player library?  Go into your WMP settings and see where the library is and click your way into that folder.

If the site did actually download the mp3s onto your computer, then I’d suggest, at least for testing purposes, that you get WMP out of the picture.

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. This makes the Fuze look like any other drive. Connect it and you’ll see Sansa Fuze and Removable Disc in Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Removable Disc is the card slot–even if you don’t have a microSD card in there. 

Make a folder on Sansa Fuze–call it anything you want, like Sermons. Copy over the mp3 files into that folder. Then, under Music, roll down until you see Folders (it’s on a second page), look in Sermons and you should have files to play.

DIGRESSION: If you don’t see Folders, update your Fuze firmware with the manual method here. It gives you Folder navigation and fixes a lot of little bugs. Don’t download and install the Updater, because these versions are the final updates.

I don’t use WMP, and there’s probably a way to do this through WMP, too, but the actual files have to be stored on the Fuze, and it doesn’t sound like they are getting there.  You might want to look in WMP’s  help files. I believe the Fuze uses .m3u or .pla playlist files, not .wpl., but if Windows Media Player is recognizing the Fuze and synching correctly, it should send over the right playlist file along with the mp3s.