File Directory Structure

Hi - I have searched the forum but did not really find my questions addressed. Forgive me if they have been.

I have had my Fuze for a week and really like it, but one thing is making me a bit crazy…

I have imported all of my music into the music folder (via drag & drop in MSC mode). I did it the way I have it set up on my PC - I have the music folder, then subfolders for each different artist, with all of those songs in the appropriate folder. 

The Fuze does not cooperate with this organization method, seemingly creating it’s own categories in its internal “directory” structure. When I connect to the PC, it looks fine in the folder. When I fire up the Fuze, it is all discombobulated again. 

I seem to be only able to work in MSC mode, as going into MTP mode prevents me from opening any sort of a connection with the PC. I would like to figure out how to do that, as I would like to remove the preloaded songs as well.

Can anybody help me figure out how to deal with this? 

The problem is the Fuze does not use any directory structure for its user interface. It uses what are called mp3 I.D. tags. These are text files which can be embedded within each mp3 file which list the files title, artist, album, genre, etc. The OS of the Fuze organizes these tags into an apparent file structure so that you can conveniently navigate to specific files. It works well provided all your files are properly tagged, if they aren’t it’s an organizational disaster, but there are programs that you can use to properly tag your files (mp3tag is one) and I think all programs that rip directly from CD’s automatically tag files.

There are occasions where ID tag navigation is still less convenient than pure folder navigation, I for example like to keep a folder on my player of a bunch of random songs that I like to listen to as a group. Putting them all in one folder called ‘Various’ let’s me do that without having to go through the hassle of making a special playlist for them.

A lot of players these days offer both options in the same player. The Sony 728, Trekstor Vibez, and Archos 202 that I have all do, unfortunately the Fuze does not. It’s something I hope they will add in the future, because having both options gives the user full control over how the content is accessed on the player. 

Thanks Rio! That was very helpful.