directory structure on fuze

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i read somewhere, that you are not able to place a directory structure on the fuze which then is recognized by the fuze.

is this true? can’t you create a directory for every single album & then walk through the directory-structure? is there only one linear list of music-titles in the case of music?



This is party true.  The Fuze supports a directory structure in MSC mode you can use to organize the files however you wish, but its firmware organizes music in menus according to the information in the files’ ID tags.

I think this can be solve using this page so plz visit folder printer or directory structure

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I think this can be solve using this page so plz visit <link removed> or directory structure

Smells like Smiley to me!

Back to the original question.

With updated firmware (and probably out of the box with the v2) there is a Folders listing under Music. That will show your directory structure like a Windows Explorer window. It’s  better to transfer your music through MSC mode, which treats the Fuze like any other external drive, rather than MTP mode, made to work with Windows Media Player, which sometimes alters folder names. 

But instead of trying to remember your directories, you can also find songs by title, artist, album and genre through information taken from the ID3 tags. 

You might want to check this.

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Back to the original question. . .


Back when the original question was asked (almost 2 years ago) there was no Folder View for the Fuze. This feature was added fairly recently in a firmware update. This thread appears to have been dredged up from the murky depths by a n00bie. I seriously doubt whether the OP is still waiting for a response.

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