FAT is corrupted.Please connected devise to PC and recover FAT

I updated my 4gb blue Sansa fuze last night.When i unplugged it it said FAT is corrupted and Please connect to PC. I tried holding down the rew key and the hold key but nothing worked. When i plug it into my computer , it says devise is not recognized. I need Help!!!

The FAT, or the file allocation table, can be repaired using Windows’ chkdsk utility.

Open a Windows Explorer window on the computer first, by pressing the [Windows key] + E, or use My Computer.

Manually connect in MSC mode by starting with the Fuze turned OFF.  Slide the power switch down to the Hold position (orange showing).  Press and hold the center button, keeping it held until the Fuze pops up as two logical drives.  You can also use the << button.

For those who may find this page from a search, PLEASE NOTE that with the version-1 e200 , the center button must NOT be used as this enables a different mode, hence the recommendation to use the << key.  The latest generation Sansas (with the AMS processors) are different.

With the Fuze listed, make a note of the drive letters assigned to the device.  We need the first letter assigned alphabetically, which is the internal memory.

Press the [Windows key] + R to get the Run box, and enter cmd.  You will then get an MS-DOS command prompt in a black box.  Welcome to the Matrix.

Using the letter you found, let’s assume it’s E for this example:  enter

chkdsk e: /f

This command will check the FAT of the Sansa for you.  The /f command is a toggle telling the utility to fix errors found.  If the utility asks if you wish to save the results as files, tell it no.

Now, try unplugging your Fuze and powering up again.

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I tried to put it in hold and press the middle button but it still doesn’t recognize the fuze in the usb drive.

You have to turn it OFF before putting on the Hold button and pressing <<.

I did that. It just doesn’t see to work. The usb port says it unknown so i don’t know what to do.

Does the display of the Sansa give you the “connected” icon?

watch the brightness of the backlight.  It will wink a wee bit dimmer as communications are established, then normal brightness will resume.

In this connected state, open the Device Manager on your PC, find the Sansa under the USB Root Hub, then select uninstall for the device.  Then, unplug the Sansa, reboot the PC, and once it is done booting, plug in again.  See if it now is recognized.

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